Call For Papers

Both long paper (eight (8) pages with two-page reference) and short paper (four (4) pages with two-page reference) are welcomed for submission! The reviewing process will be double-blind, and the submissions should not include the authors’ names or affiliations. Please use the ACL 2017 style templates. Double submission is allowed; if the submission is accepted to this workshop, the authors need to make decision before camera-ready deadline.

A list of topics relevant to this workshop (but not limited to):

  • Abstractive and extractive summarization
  • Language generation
  • Multiple text genres (News, tweets, product reviews, meeting conversations, forums, lectures, student feedback, emails, medical records, books, research articles, etc)
  • Multimodal Input: Information integration and aggregation across multiple modalities (text, speech, image, video)
  • Multimodal Output: Summarization and visualization + interactive exploration
  • Tailoring summaries to user queries or interests
  • Semantic aspects of summarization (e.g. semantic representation, inference, validity)
  • Development of new algorithms
  • Development of new datasets and annotations
  • Development of new evaluation metrics
  • Cognitive or psycholinguistic aspects of summarization and visualization (e.g. perceived readability, usability, etc)