Accepted Long Papers

Video Highlights Detection and Summarization with Lag-Calibration based on Concept-Emotion Mapping of Crowdsourced Time-Sync Comments
Qing Ping and Chaomei Chen

Multimedia Summary Generation from Online Conversations: Current Approaches and Future Directions
Enamul Hoque and Giuseppe Carenini

Coarse-to-Fine Attention Models for Document Summarization
Jeffrey Ling and Alexander Rush

Combining Graph Degeneracy and Submodularity for Unsupervised Extractive Summarization
Antoine Tixier, Polykarpos Meladianos and Michalis Vazirgiannis

Topic Model Stability for Hierarchical Summarization
John Miller and Kathleen McCoy

Learning to Score System Summaries for Better Content Selection Evaluation
Maxime Peyrard, Teresa Botschen and Iryna Gurevych

Reader-Aware Multi-Document Summarization: An Enhanced Model and The First Dataset
Piji Li, Lidong Bing and Wai Lam

Accepted Short Papers

Low-Resource Neural Headline Generation
Ottokar Tilk and Tanel Alumae

Towards Improving Abstractive Summarization via Entailment Generation
Ramakanth Pasunuru, Han Guo and Mohit Bansal

Automatic Community Creation for Abstractive Spoken Conversations Summarization
Karan Singla, Evgeny Stepanov, Ali Orkan Bayer, Giuseppe Carenini and Giuseppe Riccardi

TL;DR: Mining Reddit to Learn Automatic Summarization
Michael Völske, Martin Potthast, Shahbaz Syed and Benno Stein

Revisiting the Centroid-based Method: A Strong Baseline for Multi-Document Summarization
Demian Gholipour Ghalandari

A Pilot Study of Domain Adaptation Effect for Neural Abstractive Summarization
Xinyu Hua and Lu Wang